Initial Thoughts and Navigation

Navigation of the Blog

All of my Research for the Initial Stages of the Project can be found in the Phase One and Phase Two Menu item. These blog posts contain all of the necessary information alongside Sketchbooks – One, Two and Three.

The Ideation Phase was Phase ThreeAgain all of the information you need will be found in this section alongside the latter half of Sketchbook Three and into Sketchbook Four.

Phase Four contains my contribution to the GDD, which will be presented in the Design Appendix designed by Millie. This alongside with Sketchbook Four and Sketchbook Five, outlines our design decisions made for the game we aim to create for Semester Two.

If you are confused at any point as to what Sketchbook to refer to, I’ve commented in most of the blog posts as to which one it connects with. Otherwise work your way through the Blog Posts, and the progression of the Sketchbooks should be clear.

All of the Posts are available in Chronological Order beginning from the bottom if the Hyperlinks fail to work properly. To access this, click the HOME button in the top bar. Bare in mind the Phase Three List is particularly long and may not be fully interactive on a mac, in which case refer to this method here ^ . There are 11 Posts in Phase One and Two, 14 in Phase Three and 10 in Phase Four.

Additionally, you can see a list of the blog posts belonging to each section by clicking on the Header instead of looking at the drop down, if you do this, these posts will be ordered newest first, so start at the bottom.

LINK TO THE DESIGN APPENDIX IS BELOW. If the Paper copy hasn’t been printed by the Hand-In, a PDF has been provided to download.

Please Download and open it rather than viewing on the Dropbox page.

If you’ve decided not to download. Bare in mind when viewing the file, each page is a double spread, so you will need to scroll both down and sideways to view each page.